to our website,
we are “Sir Oliver” cricket club from Split.
We sincerely hope that this will enable you to learn more about our club
and the development of cricket in Croatia.

What it is cricket

and what are its rules press here. Don't take into account opinions that state cricket is boring. It is a wonderfull sport with a long tradition and an accent on fairplay and spending time with friends.

Our cricket ground

is situated in the near vicinity of the Split airport “Kaštela”, in the grounds of the tourist camp complex "Resnik”, about 20 km from the city of Split. We have adapted an existing football field by laying an artificial grass cricket pitch in the middle of the field. Unfortunately we do not currently have changing facilities on the site.

The mild Mediterranean climate

enables perfect playing conditions for 9 months of the year, commencing early in March and continuing until November.

If you wish to organise a cricket tour to Croatia

please contact us, we are a friendly but competitive club that will do our best to make your visit to Croatia enjoyable. Accommodation can be organized in the hotel that is situated 200 metres from the cricket ground. There is beach approximately 100 metres south of the cricket field. The nearby towns of Split and Trogir contain many historical and cultural attractions, and provide a lively and varied night life.

There is the opportunity to arrange a match

against “Sir William Hoste, Vis” cricket club either on our ground or on the picturesque island of Vis. We strongly recommend this latter option. Vis is situated 50 km south of Split, the boat trip is about 2,5 hours or 1.5 hours by catamaran. Please visit the link to the Sir William Hoste website for full details